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about the smell, the rotten egg smell is trailing all the way to los angeles. some say it could be coming from the sea 150 miles west of los angeles. now they had a wave of fish die off and combined with some strong winds, it is possible the odor traveled that far. 4:53, it is time now for a look at traffic. >> well the commute doesn't stink, pam. >> that is good. >> well on interstate 880 that traffic looks good in both directions near the oakland coliseum. at the toll plaza we keep watching it, it is not a bad drive getting into san francisco, it is a very nice drive on the upper deck of the bay bridge and if you are driving even in antioch, we are off to a good start in contra costa county, let's go to steve. >>> well, fog is increasing on the coast, yesterday we warmed up and -- you know i have been doing this for a couple of decades and the forecast models are having a tough time but they are spot on the east bay. concord and livermore east, they are a little under forecasting. although it is not making a strong surge, it will be in the mix, but 40s and 50s on the temperatu
. and was the cause of an accident in los angeles. -- accident in los angeles. investigators will not say if he was driving under the influence this weekend. two hours ago i spoke with him on the phone. he lost his mother and waiting word about his wife's condition. i wanted to talk to him about these developments and he told me given the situation and the fact this is a family tragedy he wants to keep this a private matter. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the father accused of kidnapping his two kids spoke out in court this afternoon. christopher maffei told the judge he was protecting his kids from abuse. authorities say he took his son and daughter from their home in san francisco while the mother was getting a restraining order against him and the grandmother was baby sitting. he is charged with kidnapping, child endangerment and burglary. >> coming up, the amazing rescue caught on tape and the device that may have saved lives. >>> to developing news in the east bay. firefighters are at the scene of a brush fire. cal fire is assisting firefighters with air support. the fire that you see
'm from los angeles. >> los angeles. >> san diego. >> oakland. >> before, the culture was commuters. >> a critical mass culture that includes bikes of all types and people are all ages. many came in creative costumes. critical mass has had its critics over the years. >> some of my friends and i would go in at night and paint in fake lanes. >> tonight some drivers turned off their engines, patiently waiting up to 20 minutes in some spots. >> we were hoping to pass it open. >> after two decades a truce that many hope will continue. >> it's been changing the ways city operate and people move. >> when critical mass started back in 2002, there were hardly any bicycle spaces or bike lanes, now san francisco has more than 65 miles of bike lanes lanes. >>> ktvu camera men rode along with the critical mass riders tonight broadcasting live pictures. the riders weaved their way through the streets of downtown san francisco to the front of city hall. ben tells us he saw thousands of bike riders taking part, including a lot of kids. >>> more details now. on any given day there are 75,000 bikes i
career at usc, sophomore from los angeles. >> gus: we watched him work out. remember, he was the hot wide receiver recruit last year. remember, they roomed him with matt barkley last season thinking they've got to get this kid ready to go and he's merged as the guy? george farmer when you see him work out, you think secretariat. >> gus: he is big and strong. >> charles: big, strong, he's 215 pounds. and he can go. >> gus: here's wittek. and wittek completing this. victor blackwell, a freshman from cerritos, also a modern day product. we're going to have to one day go see him. >> charles: bruce, the coach there, has done an amazing job. he's another modern day guy right next to him, holmes, the center, who played guard at modern day and was right guard a couple of seasons ago and now holds down center spot. he and matt barkley have been teammates for a good number of years. >> gus: hand-off, t.j. morgan. erin andrews busy in the studio. let's join her once again for game break. >>> how about the freshmen anthony thomas? the ducks are up. gus, i know you're loving what oregon is wearing rig
in points near cupertino -- pockets near cupertino. let's go to steve. >>> it was 103 in los angeles yesterday. it was cooking down there. temperatures inland will start to come down. had a lot of high clouds yesterday. those are gone but the fog is not. upper 40s san rafael is in there, napa, low 40s, even antioch is down to 55. livermore, san jose, cloudy. still a pretty good decent sea breeze kicking up. it's been stronger. i think it will kick in later. i see the low spinning to the west of us. it's gonna control our weather for the entire week. fog, sun, cooler. that cooler is for inland areas. the coast is just sold out. 50s, 60s there. inland temperatures coming down. concord, 79. san jose 79. santa rosa, 75. 85 fairfield. 70s look like they will hold and then just keep us there. at the end of the week, that's really where there is a disagreement. one forecast model dropped the low right into us. i will go for that right now which will make for an interesting and kieler weekend. tori and dave? >> all right. >>> it's been six months since a morgan hill teenager disappeared. the
of the man linked to the film. this is video shot outside what is believed to be the los angeles county home of the 55- year-old. he is a coptic christian with a criminal past. they are now looking into if he violated the terms of his five- year probation. >>> today white house press secretary wide in on all the violence in the middle east and the movie that the administration said caused it. >> this is not a film that the united states government had anything to do with. we reject its message and content. we find it disgusting. >> reporter: he went onto say there is no justification for responding to the movie with violence. you will find continuing coverage of this story on air and online. go to the website. then click on the attack tab near the top of the page. >> a judge sentenced a man to 30 years jail for plotting to blow up the capitol building. he pled guilty in june to trying to use a weapon of mass destruction against federal property. he was arrested in february at a garage he was carrying a vest he thought had explosives. an undercover agent has provide that fake vest. investig
on the back of a 7:47 before endeavour retired to a los angeles museum it is scheduled to pass over the state capitol and here to the bay area. to prevent any traffic problems in the air the faa will restrict air space over sacramento and los angeles today between 9:30 and 11:30 air space is restricted below 5,000 feet in a 25-mile radius around san francisco. next month endeavour will take a five mile road trip. now nearly 400 trees were being cut down along the route to make room for the 112-foot long shuttle. the museum is promising to replant 1,000 trees. >>> stay with us here at ktvu for continuing coverage in the next half hour some of the best bay area spots to catch the flayover of the shuttle we are also going to go live to moffett field at 6:30 this morning because they are hosting a very big watch party there. >> there will be a lot of watch parties. that is what sal is telling us chp has a warning as well. >>> that is right dave and pam. chp's warning not to stop on the freeway if you happen to be driving by when endeavour flies over. i know it's tempting to do it and people do it
. before the endeavour retires to the museum in los angeles it will be flying over the state capitol and then over us here in the bay area. the faa by the way is restricting air space around san francisco, sacramento, and los angeles today between 9:30 and 11:30 this morning air space is restricted below 5,000 feet and a 25-mile radius around san francisco. now next month endeavour will take a 12-mile road trip from lax to the california science center right near the l.a. coliseum. it will be riding through the streets. this is a new video from l.a.. they have been cutting down trees. almost 400 trees to make it wide enough for the wings of the endeavour to get through the streets. now the museum by the way promises they are going to replant about 1,000 of those trees. make shire you stay right here -- make sure you stay right here with ktvu for what is going on with the space shuttle endeavour. in the next half hour live to o best bay area view spots to see the fly over moffett field they are hosting a big watch party. >> sal is also a photographer. that picture of the shuttle over
york, san francisco and los angeles, she will be touring communities where she lived in the late 1960s. >>> rahm emanuel is seeking a court order to force striking teachers back to the classroom. it comes as teachers start a second week on the picket line. they voted to extend the strike after reviewing the proposed settlement with the district. >>> a father accused of kidnapping his two young children is due back in court tomorrow. he is accused of kidnapping his two and three-year-old kids, stealing a yacht and sailing south for three days. he and the kids were found near monterey. he said he kidnapped them because they were being abused. the children's mother denies those claims. >>> one of the landings at san francisco airport is due to reopen. they have been making safety upgrades which includes an extension as well as adding new lighting. it cuts the hourly arrivals in half so passengers you may see some delays. the runway will be closed again this coming weekend and the weekend after that. 5:48, sal how are the roads? >>> so far people are getting up and wanting to hit the roads
was supposed to be blown to los angeles today but rough weather postponed the trip till wednesday. it will be bolted to the top of a jumbo jet and stop in houston and california before arriving in los angeles on friday. that will go on display that california science center. >>> tickets went on sale today for the a's post season. we will tell you what is still available. >> and i am back here in a few minutes tracking the fog right now. when i come back we will look that five-day forecast and show you significant changes coming throughout the week. ñçbÑ >>> more live pictures of the occupy rally in downtown san francisco on the one year anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. protesters have been matching for the fast few -- marching for the past few hours. they are now at montgomery and california. they have gone one block east. a lot about this picture stays the same. marchers, it appears to be peaceful. crews on the scene are falling the action. >>> the police academy is back for the first time in four years. 55 new recruits began the process today. the department sa
president barack obama with a slight edge. >>> a los angeles chef is on trial accused of murdering his wife and cooking her body. he stuffed the body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his confession was played and he was there after jumping off a cliff when he learned he was a suspect. >>> and garcia fernandez is accused of molesting his daughter from the time she was 5 to 14. he is facing 14 counts which include lewd acts of a minor. >>> antolin garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lemar. that trial is expected to last a few weeks. >> time now 6:16, they are complaining about reports of high radiation levels and state officials say no major health threats exist, the hundreds of barrels of low-level radioactive material have been removed from the old navy base. they are worried about it being kicked up. >>> -- they are work rid about dust being -- worried about dust being kicked up. >>> it you due to begin around 7:00 p.m. in an area on hillcrest drive and highway 4 in antioch. fogging comes just after a week after the county confirms the first h
so it was an honor for her and for him as well, pam. >> yes, and it will head to los angeles and we will be watching it in the bay area because the endeavor is scheduled to fly a low fly over at the golden gate bridge so if you are out get your cameras out because that is supposed to be about 8:30 tomorrow morning and then a path to silicone valley and this is of course ending the 30 year shuttle program. live again at the air force base in houston texas and they are -- they are getting ready to take off. we will keep watching and we will show you what is happening live. >>> in overnight news back here at home, three women shot in oakland while driving down the street and it happened near mills college. live in hyland hospital with all the latest details, good morning tara. >> we understand the women were brought here, two were shot, one was actually hurt in the face, she received cuts to her face from some flying glass. northbound on seminary avenue near mills college. a bullet hole shattered the two passengers side windows. five end with inside, two were african-american three lat
-boggling numbers. los angeles gears up for the second round of car mageddon. >> a very close call for a truck driver in brazil. the last second move that resulted in this near death experience. >> and in weather we are wrapping up a nice weekend cht the temperature change we have in the forecast and a warning if you are heading to the coast. >>> there were more antiamerican protests today in pakistan in response to that antimuslim video produced in california. a cabinet minister offered $100,000 bounty for the death of those who made the film. the government was quick to deannounce that award. demonstrations in pakistan left 21 people dead. police used tear gas and live am munition. in all more than 50 people have died in protests around the world linked to that film. >> in other news in the world tonight, an avalanche killed 9 people and 6 others missing. the avalanche hit at a camp around 23,000 feet on the slopes. the 8th highest mountain in the world. >>> in georgia, a 4th day of protest after a video surfaced reportedly showing prisoners being beaten and sexually abused by prison guards.
. >>> it is happening again, los angeles right now in the middle of carmageddon parking lot two. when they expect to have the 405 freeway back open. >>> the pope's former butler goes on trial. the surprising action the catholic leader may take if the butler is convicted. >> i'm working on a hot weather forecast coming up at 10:37, the one part of the bay area that could warm over 20 degrees for tomorrow and the timing of the cooling trend in the five day forecast. what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. >>> what was being dubbed as carmaggedon two is going smoothly tonight in los angeles. this weekend's freeway closure is part two of last year's big construction project on the 405 freeway. crews demolished the bridge that s
and do a low pass over the nasa researcher and continue south in los angeles placed onpermanent displays at the california science center. a crowd gathered by moffett field even though the flight is hours away. they say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. if fact, one man drove from virginia to be here. >> it's a very meaningful dayp there will be a lot people that will never forget this. and, i will be one of them. >> reporter: there will be speeches, displays and a count down to the flyover which should happen sometime between 9:45 and 10 a.m. live at moffettfield, ann rubenktvu channel # news. >> besides -- 2 news. >> besides moffett field there are other places to see it. a charge crowd is expected when it flies over the golden gate and the ch abc ot sighs sense and explore toreium in san francisco and lawrence hall of sighence in berkeley. weather could prevent parts the bay area from getting a clear shot of the shuttle. >> yeah. let's go to steve who knows all about it what do you think? >> for most it will be all right. there's a little fog forming. it's just kind of that pa
. the los angeles county sheriff's department says the man was not arrested and went in voluntarily for questioning. he has a prior conviction on bank fraud charges. authorities are looking into his role in producing the video may have violated terms of his probation. four americans died in attack on u.s. consulate in libya shortly after the video was posted, including ambassador chris stevens. >>> eight people were arrested and six officers injured in protests against the antimuslim film in sydney, australia. witnesses say up to 500 people marched in the streets before getting into a confrontation with police in front of the u.s. consulate. police used pepper spray and tear gas to break up protests. >>> two people died and at least 40 people were hurt when protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in tunisia. the embassy was not staffed at the time of the attack. >>> antiamerican protests have now spread to about 20 countries, from the middle east and north africa all the way to australia. you are looking at a map right now of where the demonstrations have taken place. the state departme
. >>> on the steps of los angeles city hall today leaders of the christian community gathered to deny the film against muslims. the southern california man behind the trailer identified himself as a coptic christian. he covered his face as he left his home this weekend to meet with probation officers. they are trying to determine whether he violated his terms of suspension. he is prohibited from using the internet without permission from his probation officer. >>> in san diego some 4,000 sailors and marines set sail today on the u.s.s. pelalu for the arabian see and western pacific. the deployments were scheduled before the recent rallies. but families say the violence has heightened their concerns of the deployment. >>> romney is in auto correct mode. >> i'm speaking off the cuff in response to a question. >> reporter: the audio recording was made public by mother jones magazine. it says it was recorded in boca raton florida. romney is in california tonight, a report on his visit there coming up at 10:30. >>> we have new information tonight about a young couple found dead last week in a mote
temperatures will last, but first a crazy scene unfolding in los angeles, a bank robbery, chase and money falling out of the car and onto the streets. >>> police were chasing an suv following an armed robbery. at one point the robbers threw money out the window drawing a large crowd who had possibly been watching the chase live on television. deputies eventually arrested two men. >>> a man died in oakland after someone shot him. it happened around 10:30 near west mcarthur boulevard. paramedics took the men to the hospital. police are still looking for the shooters. >>> a murder that took place two years ago today is being looked into. a man was walking with his fiance when they were attacked by 2 robbers just before four in the morning after they left a party celebrating the 35th birthday. the two shooters were seen driving an older model two tone suv. there is a 20,000-dollar reward in this case. >>> a car hit and killed an 81- year-old woman this morning in san jose. police say the woman was crossing north jackson avenue when a 1993 toyota tercel hit her. she died at the scene. the driv
. >> you go to los angeles and it is congested and they are backed up and booked. >> if it is approved, there will be 800 construction jobs and 800 permanent jobs once the studio is open. nice. >>> let's go to sal for a look at traffic, sal? >>> pardon, traffic is doing relatively well for this time of morning but it is not a huge deal so far. let's look at the roads and you can see traffic here is looking pretty good on the interstate 880 freeway -- i have the east shore on my mind but right now 880 traffic looks nice and driving northbound on the right- hand side of your screen it does look good and construction work is not an issue. traffic does look good heading west all the way to the mcarthur maze, heading light at the bay bridge toll plaza and bay bridge is looking good for drivers. heading through san mateo and redwood city, 280 is in good shape to san jose and mountain view areas. 4:55 let's go to steve. >>> it will continue as temperatures well inland continue to drop by the coast, 50s and 60s and also you are out there locationwise, some of us are out there. 70s inland mostl
left to its final destination here is california in los angeles. now endeavor is scheduled to fly over sacramento early tomorrow morning, then over to the golden gate bridge for a low fly over, then to silicone valley and the final flight marks the end of the 30 year space shuttle program. but of course, sal, we will be here tomorrow morning so we will be here to catchall of that live. >> you know you wake up early and you can see some of that stuff. we did it at 43:04:30 a.m. we are here for you. 880 southbound, this traffic is moving along nicely. you know, as you watch traffic from 4:30 all the way to 9:00 you see patterns and this commute looks good until about 7:30 or so and so you have a little time. this is the bay bridge toll plaza which starts getting busy around 6:15 and i am telling you this so you know when to get there before. looking at the san jose area, traffic looks nice northbound 101, santa clara, i want to move this and traffic is moving along well to caster valley. there is nothing going on all the way from tracy and one last thing, on the dumbarton, traffic gett
for e-mail alerts or download an app. coming up in 6 minutes a car chase in los angeles, what the suspects were throwing out of their windows. >>> police say they are getting close to an arrest in a shooting of a 13-year-old boy. he was shot in the back on august 8. he was walking home from a park where he was playing football. police believe the shooter was a gang member. he was thinking about joining a group that helps children get away from gangs. >>> authorities are investigating the discovery of a huge marijuana farm on marin municipal water district. they found 4500 plants spread over a quarter mile. they became suspicious on monday. a suspect was detained but they are looking for other suspects. >>> the fire rescue boat pulled a man out of the bay this afternoon. firefighters said he told people he was going to go swimming and then he took off his clothes. they handed him over to police and paramedics. >>> a funeral service will be held tomorrow for a chp. on monday officers escorted his body to a mortuary. his funeral is set for tomorrow. ktvu channel 2 news coverage o
-on to los angeles. it is going into retirement at the science center and before it reaches its last destination it is due to fly over us in the bay area friday morning. >>> france has been ad street protest that are banning the magazine. it is called charlie head dough. he is defending the publisher's free speech rights and that organization was firebombed last year after printing other cartoons. >>> children are returning to the classrooms after teachers are ending their strike after more than a week of walking the picket line. they do not have a contract but members are expected to vote on attentive deal within the next -- a tentative deal with within the next couple of weeks. >>> failure of proposition 30 could trigger $250 million in cuts to the state university system and if the measure does pass, the tuition increase this fall will be rescinded. >>> a woman who was wounded in a shooting forced an east oakland school into lockdown. we understand she is recovering this morning. that woman was shot while driving on crouse avenue near the elementary school yesterday afternoon. the
. two of the officers involved are facing charges in thomas's death. >>> los angeles area chef is on trial. he's accused of killing his wife and -- david told police he stuffed her body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his taped confession was played in court. he was in a wheelchair after jumping off a cliff when he found out he was a suspect. >>> changes are coming to a bus plan for el camino real. cities from sunnyvale to palo alto don't like a plan to close one lane in each direction to cars and make them for express bust only, but san jose, and santa clara back the plan. >>> aging school buses could be creating pollution problems for the bay area. according to the bay citizen, tens of thousands of school children are riding buses that could be harmful to their health. this is pause unlike other states, california does not require bus owners to take pusses off the road -- buses off the road after a certainly number of years. california has some of the oldest buses in the nation. >>> new discovery by a harvard professor raising questions this morning ab
in on line. >>> a busy 405 freeway in los angeles will be shut down this weekend. our reporter, bob decastro, is out there right now. we've heard the threats before. are people nervous now, bob? >> reporter: you know, it depends on who you talk to. if you talk to the officials here, yeah, they are a little bit because we had karmageddon -- carmageddon i and everything went off without a hitch and so now people are thinking oh, that was easy. i can do this asly. well, that's not the case. this area here that they are working on, it will take about 53 hours. they expect about 500,000 cars pass through through any given weekend. what they are saying. they have that volume of traffic and that could mean complete gridlock in just about the entire southern california air -- area here on the west side of los angeles to downtown l.a. >> the 405, the busiest freeway in the country and this is the stretch between the 101 and the 10 freeway and both of them pretty much two and three when it comes to the busiest freeways. there are contingency plans in place. i can tell you mass transit they have more t
but hasn't publicized it. >>> los angeles want process football back. the l.a. city council has unanimously approved a plan to build a 72,000 seat stadium in downtown los angeles. price tag, 1.2 billion. now, while unions are in favor because of the jobs it would create, stadium opponents are concerned about traffic, air quality and noise. it's still unclear if the city wants a current n.f.l. team like the raiders or an expansion team. the rams move from l.a. to st. louis 17 years ago. >>> well, work getting under way on the bart track today in the east bay could affect your commute. >> and he showed up at an anti- violence rally with a bat. dallas braden goes to anger management classes. >> afternoon highs sowed soar to record high -- could soar to record highs. hot weather on the day. what you can expect this weekend, coming up. >>> local dog owners are marching against republican presidential nominee mitt romney. they are holding an event to protest romney's treatment of his dog seamus. they say the dog was subjected to near hurricane force winds on the top of the car. today's event be
survey it's the second time this week a small earthquake has rattled the los angeles area. los angeles fire department say there's no immediate report of any damage. there was a 3.2 magnitude quake monday earlier this week. >>> new this morning, several earthquakes in china have killed dozens of people. look at the pictures. now 64 people are reported dead more than 7 15 were hurt. and more than 20,000 homes have been damaged. that's according to chinese official new agency. and there were four earthquakes all of the southwestern part of china. the magnitude range from 4.8 to 5.6. >>> 7:33. a u.c. berkely students has been arrested for sexual battery at a campus dorm. the daily cal reports it happened august 30th at putnam hall. police say an intoxicated 18- year-old man grabbed a woman against her will. he also allegedly pinned a second woman against a wall and kissed her and groped her. the man was moved to a different dorm while police investigate. >>> a gas station robbery caught on tape in colfax and police say a man and woman got three teens to help them rob the gas station. they
was interviewed by the los angeles county sheriff's department yesterday. after the interview he decided not to return home. federal investigators are trying to determine whether he, who was convicted of bank fraud, violated his terms of probation. if so, a judge could order him back to jail. >> an 18-year-old chicago man do in court tomorrow but used a train to set up a car bomb. federal prosecutors say they began monitoring a dell dog after he posted material online about a violent jihad and about killing americans. after the post he unknowingly began working with undercover agents to plan the bombing. they provided him with a big bomb and he was arrested friday night after trying to detonate it. they've are say they were surprised to hear about the arrests. >> so many years together. >> an online post he wrote that he would not be happy if he only killed five or 10 people. neighbors say the family is from egypt, but he's a u.s. citizen. he's now facing multiple charges including to attempt to use a weapon of mass distraction. if found guilty, he faces life in prison. >>> the surges on
the coast guard here and in los angeles received a may day call. someone was in trouble. the san francisco crew was the fist to arrive and able to make a dramatic rescue before their plane sank. the coast guard provided ktvu with this video of the two people clutched from their down cessna like plane. it made an emergency landing mt. waters off the coast after having engine trouble. >> we grabbed the older gentleman which is in his 70s and we recovered the second gentleman which is in his 30s. both these guys were a father and son duo that do this trip often go up the coast toward canada. >> reporter: now the older man was suffering from hyperthermia. both victims were okay. how did crews locate the plane so quickly? it's something every pilot should have. coming up we'll tell you what it was and how if they didn't have they may not have survived. >>> 7-eleven employee killed inside the store and the give upman is still on -- and the gunman is still on the loose. the store clerk was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released. anyone with information is asked to call milpi
of michael clark duncan are remembering his life. he died yesterday in a los angeles hospital. he was just 54. his death comes nearly two months after suffering a heart attack. besides the green mile he appeared in other films. before breaking into acting he was the bodyguard for will smith and jamie fox. >>> 4:51. >>> east bay teams may have found a new place to party. why the wave of foreclosures may have helped them drink underage. >>> plus changes to the commute there. the street drivers will need to avoid. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:53. >>> two 17-year-olds are behind bars in connection with an armed robbery at a san jose marijuana club. police say three people robbed the club after 11:00 yesterday morning. the suspects left the scene in a white van. office others stopped the van about four miles away and arrested two of the suspects but the third person got away. >>> east bay teens have found a new place to party. empty or foreclosed homes. on sunday night neighbors say 100 teens tried to get into this house in concord but when people started showing up one o
an hour long car chase through downtown los angeles ended with a shoot out between police and a carjacking suspect. the gun battle started after the suspect crashed into another car yesterday evening. officers shot and wounded the man. no officers were hurt but multiple bullets hit a patrol car. >>> a new water taxi service will be launched on the bay. the san francisco port commission approved. taxis will begin operation october 1st. scheduled between the hide street fishing harbor pier 39 and south beach marina. >>> we are coming up on our 5:00 hour. up next more than a dozen people are homeless now after an overnight fire in the east bay. you are going to see how fire crews came to the rescue in alameda. >>> also a huge international story with bay area ties. the u.s. ambassador to libya was among americans killed in a rocket attack overseas. >>> good morning. developing news u.s. ambassador to libya is among americans killed in a rocket attack overseas. his ties to the bay area. >>> we are live in alameda where a firefighter saves a man in a wheelchair from a burning home. >>> resident
flight 11 which was flying from boston to los angeles. and that's janet napolitano. homeland security secretary, walking there. the north tower burned for 102 minutes before collapsing. the south tower collapsed ten minutes earlier. as we mentioned, victims' family members are continuing to read names of the nearly 3,000 people killed on september 11th. it's also interesting seeing the homeland security there. for first time, no politicians are speaking there at the event. it looks like michael bloomberg there walking around family members and loved ones. this morning -- it's interesting. only about 500 people are gathered there in grounds this morning. not the thousands. a lot of people say the five- year anniversary was a final milestone and at this point it's time to move on and just be able to have a more private moment of reflection for the family members of the victims lost. >>> now, earlier this morning, president obama and michelle obama observed a moment of silence. they paused at 5:46 our time. that's the time the hijackers crashed the first plane into the world trade center
freightened than myself. >> reporter: 35-year-old ronald fuller was convicted of murdering a cab driver in los angeles county in july of 1982. the cab driver was found in the trunk of his cab, shot once execution style in the left temple. but according to his attorney, ron fuller had been in and out of ten mental hospitals in his life and does not belong on death row. his case is on appeal. with executions being on the news, the nights have gotten a lot scarier. >> i listen to men talk in their sleep. i listen to men after executions pray. i can hear them pray to god. forgive me, forgive me. you know i didn't mean this, i didn't mean that. god you know my heart, you know what happened, you know what happened to me. now don't let them execute me. i wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat. >> reporter: fuller has tried twice to take his life. >> i slashed my wrist. five days after my arrival to death row i attempted suicide with a 125 pills. someone asked me what was the difference between putting you in the gas chamber and you taking your own life at that time. the difference is first
. it will eventually be displayed for los angeles. >>> 3 astronauts are back on earth after their capsule landed safely. one astronaut and two russians touched down in a cloud of dust this morning. the crew spent 123 days in orbit above the international space station. >>> ahead how the apple iphone sold and the first video of a baby at the national zoo. card hassles? introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card that's easy to activate and can be used right away. plus, you can load cash or checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and checks right from your smartphone. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . >>> i am not too surprised. on wall street, last week they hit the blue chip averages since before the financial crisis. the dow jones industrial average is currently down 3, nasdaq down 16 and s&p 500 down 6. among the stocks to watch, the most valuable company, apple. they are trading at 69 $7 due to record-breaking sales. preorders topped 2 million in just 24 hours and that's more than double the amount for phone orders. the company says the orders are greater than the initial supply and
on california street since 1967. it hats been a popular spot to view independent films. it is owned by the los angeles chain landmark theaters. it says it has lost its lease and cannot come to terms with the landlord. the last picture show at the lumiere will be the untouchables on sunday night >>> a california teacher is being called a hero and he is being recognizes for it. >>> and break outour evening gowns and tuxedos. the symphony is up and running. on your prepaid card? introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. all for one flat monthly fee so there's zero confusion. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >>> back to worrying economic figures. measures of manufacturing and business activity in both china and europe slumped. but there is some good news. the online real estate company trulia had its ipo, launched at 17th and now up had 44%. looking a live look at the big board, the dow turned around, up 13. s&p is flat >>> the new season of the san francisco symphony is underway. the opening celebration was last night at davies
. a los angeles company bought the theater when they lost their least. the last show is the untouchables. >>> he was first in line the last time and now he is in line again, this time on the other side of the globe. wozniak tweeted this picture. it says in line for the first iphone 5 in the world. along with two others. he waited in line for hours when the iphone 4s was released. >>> news chopper 2 is over the scene for an suv hit one person inside a restaurant. we are trying to find out more about what happened. >> the fog cleared for now but will it clear tomorrow for the space shuttle endeavor fly over? i will have the details. >>> more now on the breaking news. we have been telling you about the suv that slammed into a restaurant on fourth street. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. you see the back end of the suv. join us on the phone is an officer from the police department. there has been confusion about the person who was injured and what happened. can you set us straight on what happened? >> the woman that was injured was a pedestrian. she was walking on the sidewalk. t
before retiring to the california science center in los angeles. endeavour takes off at 8:15 pacific time. it is scheduled to pass oaf the state capitol and then here to the bay area time around 9:30 this morning. >> the last time that we are going to get to see a space shuttle in the air. >> fog and cloudy weather could effect whether or not you could see endeavour. here are some of the best places to see it. a large crowd is expected at crissy field. if the science center will host a viewing party starting at 8:00 a.m.. we are going to continue our coverage throughout the morning of the space shuttle endeavour. we will be live this morning also live at moffett field where crowds will be gathering to watch the fly over. >>> in election news this morning republican presidential nominee mitt romney visits the bay area today to raise campaign cash in the race for the white house. he is going to appear at a fundraiser at the strawberry hill estate in hillsborough. news chopper 2 flew over. tickets for that fundraiser $50,000 a head. >>> president obama will return to san francisco for a conc
california and is expected to touchdown at los angeles airport in 45, the shuttle and the carrier are putting on a show for the area, swooping over the hollywood hills signs and other landmarks, again it is scheduled to land there and that will mark the final end of the shuttle's mission and the program. endeavour will stay at lax for a few weeks then next month take a 12 mile road trip to the california science center right next to the l.a. coliseum. nearly 400 trees are being cut down along the route to make room for the 78 foot wide shuttle. the museum is promising to replant a thousand trees. >>> we have a few more details now on endeavour's last flight. the shuttle and its 747 carrier took off at 8:15 this morning from edwards airforce base in the mojave desert. the combined weight is 4 75,000 pounds but less than a commercial jet filled with passengers and luggage. the estimated cost of moving the shuttle from florida to california, including today's spectacular flyovers is about 28 million dollars. but the california science center is footing the bill, not taxpayers. >>> send us your p
the fog. also up and down the coast from eureka down towards santa barbara an los angeles. so with that cool temperatures for the beaches. warm temperatures lie this -- warm temperatures by it weekend. this high pressure really strengthens the sinking air. that and coupled with a -- that an coupled with a northerly breeze. with that inland spots on track to reach the mid-90s. flirting with 100 degrees. and the coast clearing skies and low 70s, possibly approaching the mid-70s as well. as far as temperatures for today, no major heat out there but still warming out towards -- towards fair -- towards fairfield, 9. you will find a few 90s out towards antioch and brentwood. san francisco, forecast high, 63 but definitely bundle up if you are heading to the coast. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. not much change for your friday. there is the change for the weekend. saturday we do warm things up. sunday will be the hottest day of the weekend, monday, the hottest day of the period, that means warmest locations inland in the upper 90s. the beaches in the mid- to upper 70
, can't find the football. mike pereira, in los angeles, our rules analyst. mike, your thoughts? >> well, let's address the fumble thing first. and if the ball's punched out, remember they rule touchdown. you'd have to have a clear recovery before it goes into a scrum, which you don't see. you just see them point out the ball actually after the scrum. so, you know. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> gus: they're saying the ruling on the field stands, touchdown. >> charles: going on what mike's saying. if oklahoma state didn't come out of the pile, you can't give them possession post. you have to have the officials rule oklahoma state with the ball coming out of the pile. they can't reverse what the officials called on the field. >> gus: one more look at it. >> charles: bergeron goes in. you see the ball in the middle right there is coming out. but the officials had already called touchdown. >> gus: jordan adds the extra point. the touchdown will stand. texas takes a 41-36 lead. but they will be talking about this one in stillwater all week lon
was the cause of a multicar accident in los angeles. we spoke on the phone with casey, he is grieving his mother's death and waiting word on his wife's condition. we wanted to hear what he felt and he said this is a family tragedy and he wants to keep this a private matter. in walnut creek. patty lee. improving weather conditions are helping in a fire in lake county. a red flag warning for the area crass lifted after winds gusted up to 40 miles an hour. cal fire also lifted an evacuation warning for parts of scott's valley road. officials say its burned more than 4600 acres since it started last friday. right now the fire is only about 15% contained. >>> back in the bay area it took about two and a half hours today to contain a brush fire. that fire started about 3:30 this afternoon near valley view drive. it burned about two acres and was contained by six. cal fire assisted local forts with air and ground support. >> your temperatures warmed significantly. got up to 90 fairfield. it was a warm day, especially inland. coast side the sun came out. the fog cleared it's real dense at the coast. it
: look forward to it. >> chris: up next. chairman of the democratic convention los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. we'll be right back from charlotte. [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] experience the summer of audi event before september 4th and get exceptional values on the audi you've always wanted. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ nothing complicated about a pair of 10 inch hose clamp pliers. you know what's complicated? shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping's easy. if it fit
county. they are targeting areas in los angeles and nightson. the áf residents are being advised to drain any standing water near their homes. >>> and we're monitoring a fire up in the clear lake area near rumsey off highway 16. here's the area we're talking about. a couple of fires actually three of them. here's clear lake. these are the companies and conditions in the general area. you notice it's not generally hot. the humidity it's not high but it's not as low as it should be. the winds are relatively light. fire conditions we've seen much worse in these areas. we will bring you an update on the fire. for us around here we have fog around the cost. that fog is going to push itself inland tonight. you notice the cooling late last night and early this morning. it was cool. i mean temperatures today dropped off five to 10 degrees in some places other places around the same. 91 in antioch, 92 in fairfield. oakland came way down. mountain view was down about 10 degrees. so temperatures did cool today. temperatures tomorrow about the same maybe a little bit cooler. the fog or forecast is sh
the plant is located between los angeles and san diego counties. it serves southern orange county and san diego county. >> new reports about whether the united states has early warnings about the attack in libya. the one that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other embassy workers. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with an alarming report suggesting the u.s. should have done more to protect them. alison. >> reporter: first, dave, u.s. embassies around the world today are bracing for more protests and violence. the british newspaper the independent is reporting the u.s. state department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in benghazi but no warnings were given to diplomats there. four americans were killed in the attack. including chris stevens. california senator dianne feinstein says investigations are under way into the man that made the antiislamic film that has sparked such a furry. >> concerning the individual who did this very obnoxious 12 minute preview of some very stupid movie and wrong headed movie. and he may well not be
. firefighters managed to prevent any damage. it was hot in southern california today, downtown los angeles hit 100 degrees. >>> there's more evidence tonight of a recovering housing market. sales of bay area homes have surged to levels we haven't seen since before the recession. real estate research group data quick says august home sales in the bay area were the strongest in six yearlings. more than 8,500 homes traded hands last months. as ktvu reporter tom vacar tells tells us now, home buyers on the sidelines are taking action. >> reporter: merris delane was packing tonight. for the delane's things finally lined up. >> the mortgage rates were incredibly low. we were thinking about expanding our family and there was a house we had to jump on. >> reporter: even as the sale sign went up, there have been several offers. >> it's in the right area, with good schools and that's what people are looking for now. >> reporter: the days of denial and false home have ended but not so much so in other bay area counties. >> sellers, real sellers have acknowledged the adjustment in their price. because th
goes to utah, texas and florida as well this week for fundraising trips. >> today the los angeles times is expanding on a previous report of sexual abuse with in the boy scouts. the paper said it did a more extensive review of 1600 private files from 1970 to 1991 and found that scout officials failed to report incidents of abuse to police in more than 500 cases and tried to conceal more than 100 of those cases. scout officials responded to the report saying members are currently required to report even suspicious of abuse directly to local authorities. >> the governor is talking of austerity measures asking for approval of proposition 30. he said that he ate a two day old tuna sandwhich. he said he is saving money but not replacing a stained rug he inherited from the former governor. proposition 30 would temporarily raise the sales tax by a half cent and increase income taxes for those who make more than 2 radio thousand dollars. it's projected $6 million would be triggered. >> a special patrol -- aimed at improving motorcycle safety. the department did the enforcement operation
gabriel mountains north of los angeles. the williams fire is now at just under 4200 acres. dozens of people were able to return home after they were evacuated four days ago. a trace of rain yesterday helped firefighters make progress. >>> search crews had to luck today looking for a young bay area man who disappeared near chico. 20-year-old brett michael olson attends cal-poly. he was last seen on a well- known beach. today search teams combed the river and the surrounding area. parents have also gone to chico to help with the search and they're handing out flyers at chico state. >>> the labor department says new applications for unemployment benefits dropped 12,000 last week from the week before for a seasonally adjusted figure of 365,000. a survey indicates an increase in hiring in august with companies adding 201,000 jobs, the most since march. the job news combined with the report that european central banks plan a bond buying program pushed stocks to their highest level in four and a half years. the dow closed at 13,292. nasdaq was up 66. the s&p added 28. >>> authorities say
an electrical fire. mrs.romney's plane was headed to los angeles from nebraska. >>> there's good news from california on the job front tonight. the unemployment rate dipped from 10.7%, that's down from 11.9 a year ago. california added almost 3,000 jobs. the biggest game came from education and services field. this is how the numbers break down in the bay area. solano county has the highest rate. >>> dianne feinstein holds a lead over her republican challenger. 58% say they support the republican incumbent. 31% say they support elizabeth emken's. >>> today's san francisco health officials reported the first evidence of west nile virus in the city this year. tests show a dead bird recently found near city college of san francisco was infected with the mosquito bourn illness. mosquitoes may increase as we head into fall, they're asking people to make sure there's no standing water where mosquitoes can breed. no west nile virus cases have been reported in san francisco since 2005. >>> the new iphone 5 was finally released this morning. there's an estimate that apple may sell 1 million apple i
, video and much more. >>> los angeles county sheriff deputies took 55-year-old nacula into custody this afternoon. federal authorities say he violated the terms of his probation on check fraud charges. the terms ban him from using computers or the internet without permission from his probation officer. >>> and one of the actresses in that film innocence of muslims is now suing the producer of the film. cindy lee garcia filed a lawsuit yesterday in los angeles. she claims nacula violated copyright law over her performance in the film. garcia says she was led to believe the movie was a historical adventure film called desert warrior. >>> an exclusive new ktvu poll says the majority of californias are in favor of allowing illegal immigrants to reach citizenship. 14% said illegal immigrants should be able to work in the united states but only for a limited time. and 14% said all illegal immigrants should be deported. >>> it got pretty warm inland today. temperatures went down a couple of degrees. a marine layer pinched up a couple of degrees. guess what the marine layer came up a coupl
. >>> a crewmember on the los angeles set of a new disney movie has died. the 48-year-old man reportedly suffered a heart attack while preparing a tank for an underwater shooting scene in the remake of the lone ranger. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the accident did not take place while cameras were rolling. >>> tiger at the bronx zoo could be back in its exhibit as early as today after mauling a man. the 25-year-old man deliberately jumped 17 feet into the exhibit from an elevated monorail yesterday. the 11-year-old siberian tiger bit the man several times. emergency personnel used a fire extinguisher to get the animal away from him. officials are still trying to figure out why the man jumped. he is listed in critical condition. >>> knots berry farm is shutting down all six of its wind seeker ride. on wednesday, 20 people were stranded on the ride. they were left dangling 300 feet in the air for four hours, until they were finally lowered down. the company is now doing an internal review of why the ride shut down. >>> witnesses rush to help a security guard who was shot by a man trying
jose and the raiders have been the subject of a move to los angeles. >>> time now 5:15. the reno air show races are back this week but there are major changes all because of lasteers crash. this one that killed ten people and injured 70 more. that led toward demand for better safety. organizers redesigned the airfield there increasing the distance between the planes and the grand stand by 150 feet. that separation is now at least 1,000 feet. >>> back here at home muni hoping a new ipad app will help improve problems with its services. about 700,000 people ride muni every day. muni is dealt with issues including old streetcars and buses that sometimes break down. that's why they are hoping the new smart muni app will improve operations by having real-time information about their trains and buses. it uses gps to pinpoint the location, speed, and direction of every vehicle. when a problem happens, a text message is sent out. now the new ktvu ipad app is ready for you to down load. you can do it this morning. you can watch all of our newscasts live. get bay area weather and video of brea
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